Fourth of July Shooting

This is the third solo young man triggering into pathological violence – Buffalo – Uvalde – 4th of July.

That’s not a good sign. The Isolative terrorist mind gives an indication of where the pathogen is functioning. Three Isolative minds triggering is not good – because they’re just the first, and they’re not the most dangerous minds out there.

The more substantial danger is not from the Isolative mind triggering in a collective cloud of dangerous ideas. The more substantial danger is from the Group-Action mind of violence that works together with others toward a goal. Their group minds will reinforce their escalation to the climax once they start to form the trigger to action.

They’re waiting. I suspect they’re selecting their opportunity. In our world now there are the Brown Shirts of the Proud Boys, terrorist thugs. But they are not the Black Shirts with their death skulls who came after. Evil will expose itself gradually gaining ground. There is a more dangerous mind that’s moving underneath what is seen.

I hope the FBI has informants in them. That’s the vulnerability of the Group-Action mind of violence – it can lose its secrecy. The pathogen hides, it relies on secrecy. One mind can keep its secret, making them nearly impossible to stop. Many minds in Group-Action are more vulnerable to information leaking out.

The 4th of July shooter shows the trigger construction process. He triggered and is still alive, and usually they die in the act. So he is is a valuable mind to have for indentifying the trigger because it’s activated and he’s still alive.

Many minds are crazy, why do some insane minds trigger to violence and others do not? Many minds hold the rippling trauma pathogen, but only some will trigger into pathological violence. Which ones? When?

I understand the trigger. That was the last piece of the puzzle for me. Why them? Why now? Many minds are pathological, where’s the trigger for some that’s absent in others?

There is no trigger in them. It’s constructed once the context is right. There is no trigger to be found for their actions. Their motivations seem mysterious and incomprehensible to a sane mind. Why would anyone think to do such a thing.

The trigger to act is constructed from mind proto-material once the context signals its support. It’s a context cue that then triggers the trigger to start constructing itself.

Before the proper signals are present from context, the trigger exists only in a partial proto-state, as unformed proto-trigger structures. Then, when the context signals its support, the proto-trigger pieces start to self-construct the trigger to action.

The trigger to motivate savagery and violence is a two-step process. The first step is context, the second is to construct the trigger to action. That self-construction of the trigger to action can be seen with 4th of July shooter.

He began to fantasize about his sadism, and he allowed himself to collapse into his deviancy. He nurtured the gratification he felt from causing suffering, and he kept building and building his tension and arousal through fantasies of our suffering and his power, to the ultimate climax of his sadistic desire.

What we see in his Internet displays are his escalating sadistic self-gratification in fantasy, he was building the trigger to action, he released into his sadistic gratifications. It gratified him to think of the suffering he would cause in us – and he kept escalating the tension, he’d release into his arousal like a sadistic-sexual foreplay moving toward its violent climax.

The trigger to action builds in tension and mounting pleasure with each fantasy, but also then needing more. His sadistic fantasy degradation must keep increasing for the same gratification.

The more he collapses into the degradation of his gratification, the more he releases himself into the sadistic deviancy of his fantasies, the more his fantasies must grow to continue to gratify his sadism. It builds. The tension builds.

Until he arrives at the point of the end – the climax to his escalating arousal. He can tolerate no more fantasy of his desires, he lusts for the act he imagines. No further gratification can come from the fantasy imaginings – he knows inside that it’s time now to release fully into the actuality of his fantasies of power and sadism. It’s the end.

It is not an act of terrorism. It is an act of sadism. The goal is not to cause our fear. The goal is to cause our suffering. He sought to cause immense grief and loss. He enjoys that. Causing our suffering feels good to him.

We don’t understand sadism. We can’t. There are no neural connections from the pain others feel to our pleasure. There is for them. It’s more than the absence of empathy, it’s more than cruelty. The absence of empathy is the capacity for human cruelty. But this is more, this is – gratification – in causing our suffering.

He likes our suffering. It’s sadistic.

Why did he trigger and not others who hold hatred in their hearts?

They will. The context is right now to support the construction of the trigger to act. Three Isolatives have occurred before a Group-Action attack. The context is eliciting frequent trigger construction now.

It’s going to be a difficult time of “domestic terrorism” (the sadistic violence of pathological anger).

Is this a mental illness, is he mentally ill? Of course he is. No sane person does what he did. Is it the same pathology as Buffalo and Ulvalde? Yes. The differences in ‘motivation’ are superficial – the motivation is to cause pain. The motivation is to cause suffering, grief, and loss.

Because it gratifies them. Causing our suffering feels good. That’s important to understand because it is exactly that thing that is incomprehensible to us. We don’t have those feelings, we don’t work the same way. They have deviant processing of emotions, the wiring is off.

It’s sadistic. It’s evil. It is not them, but it is in them. It motivates them in ways they don’t see or understand. It moves them toward a purpose, a dark purpose of self-destruction – through their fantasies of righteous power.

Before the act of violence, the terrorist mind plays out in its mind the act, and our suffering, over-and-over. They do it privately, like self-pleasuring their deviance, releasing to the degradation of their sadistic desires through their fantasies of violence.

They display on social media for the thrill – and because they want us to stop them. But we don’t. Because we don’t care about them. No one cared about him. We do now, sort of.

Imagined violence, however, will only last so long in satisfying the desire. They must keep increasing the sensory-emotional quality of the fantasy to feel the continuing rush of sadistic power. Once they release to their sadistic degradation, they can’t go back.

They set their mind on the end – and release to their gratification in the suffering they will cause.

The context that surrounds us is supportive now for constructing the trigger. Three Isolatives have constructed the trigger in rapid succession. This is an indicator that the context for trigger construction has been fully reached. Many fragile minds will likely begin their escalating fantasies of sadism and power.

That three solo-minds have triggered is deeply concerning because they’re not the truly dangerous ones. While the Isolative mind variant is extremely dangerous and nearly impossible to stop, they are not the most dangerous minds out there… waiting for the trigger to form.

The dangerous minds are the collective-action minds, the Group-Action minds of the 911 planning and attack. That was a collective-action mind. It doesn’t build on fantasy. It builds on escalation from the shared minds with others, circling around among minds in ever-increasing passion – until the climax, the act of the goal – the final release to the violence.

The savagery of 911 was from outside minds of collective-action attacking America. Now we will have inside collective-action minds who will be attacking us from within. They’re waiting.

I hope they remain waiting. I don’t think they will.

The attempted assault on the Idaho Pride parade was a small-scale collective-mind action. There will be more now. More Isolatives and more Group-Minds will be activating to violence now that the context is supporting the trigger formation.

They’ll start to plan – and enjoy their planning – they will begin to play out in their minds the event of our suffering over-and-over. They will be powerful. They will be important, we’ll care about them. We’ll be sorry. They’ll be heroes to the cause of righteousness they perceive.

The 4th of July shooter shows the construction of the trigger to act. It’s a process of increasing inflammation from gratifying their sadism in escalating imagination.

The 4th of July shooter was known to law enforcement. Many people are known to law enforcement but who do not commit savage acts of mindless violence. The terrorist mind hides among surrounding deviancy that doesn’t act.

The 4th of July shooter had posted his dark fantasies on the Internet. There are many people who post dark fantasies to the Internet who do not commit savage acts of mindless violence. How do we locate the ones who do?

Their minds hide among many minds who display features of concern but who do not trigger into savage acts of mindless violence. How do we identify them and stop them before they trigger to the act?

We can’t. We must reduce-to-eliminate the context that activates the trigger’s construction. Once their mind begins the fantasy circularity of constructing the trigger to act, there is only conclusion, one climax to their mind’s escalating movement.

We must keep their minds dormant by not creating a supportive social context.  Too late.

There is a trauma pathogen within us and it’s moving now to a purpose. It is born in trauma, and it creates the trauma that it knows. It is a pathogen within an isolated mind. It is a pathogen within a shared mind.

It is a violent pathogen of pathological anger, and it creates a hatred that seeks a target for its violent assault. The target itself is unimportant – just that it’s the target for their climax of inner-anger.

Will gun control stop the terrorist mind? No.

Can mental health treatment stop the terrorist mind? No.

What can stop the terrorist mind? Changing the context that supports construction of the trigger.

Too late. Nothing to do now but watch and endure. There is a pathological process unfolding – a psychological virus of our minds – a trauma pathogen rippling across generations.

Prayers. Peace.

Grief. Loss unimaginable. Peace.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857

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