He was 18 years old. That has importance.

Is he mentally ill? Of course, no sane person does that. He has a diagnosis of pathological anger and pathological violence.

The problem is, that’s not considered a pathology. It is a pathology. But you’re all insane, so you think it’s normal – except now – yet still you refuse to see it as insanity – you see it as “racism” – same thing – pathological anger and pathological violence.

It’s a trauma pathology, the trans-generational transmission of trauma. The trauma left his brain, his attachment system, vulnerable. It got infected by a pathogen in its damaged networks.

This brain had a trigger, most brains don’t. There are more brains now with triggers. They want a race war, they are trying to provoke a violent response so they can escalate into the race war they desire.

That wasn’t this brain though. This brain had less cognitive ability, it got captured on its emotional damage… and instability of mind. He’s insane.

Is he a “domestic terrorist” – no – he’s sadistic. His motivation was not to cause fear, it was to cause suffering, grief, and pain – because the pathogen that lives within him receives gratification from our suffering – it feels good to it, to him, to the it that lives in him – to the damage in the attachment networks of his brain.

There were indicators of concern, people knew something was off but the pathogen hadn’t found and constructed the trigger, it was still looking for the linkages to action, seeking them – it found them – and then it constructed the trigger that then released to the violence – he indulged and then collapsed into the sadism – it feels good, his imaginings.

Once the trigger activated – the mind was held in the complete control of the pathogen – he planned it out in detail – with foresight – his frontal lobes were active. The pathogen needed them.

His linear-logical reasoning was a mess, his self-reflective insight was fully projected, both those were active but where disorganized, they are what yielded a “manifesto” of his insanity – the pathogen needed foresight and planning ahead, so it brought the frontal lobes online even though they were inhibited by the unresolved trauma.

The pathogen over-rode the inhibition. Not all brains allow this, this one was a thinking Terrorist Mind – it planned extensively – it enjoyed the planning, the sadism found gratification in imaginings to come.

The pathogen locked up his linear-logical reasoning in a delusion – “replacement theory” – holy righteous warrior of Belief – a righteous warrior of “God” – for the Fuhrer – for racist ideology of “superiority” and danger – he’s protecting “us” – we are under threat from “them” – the Jews – the Blacks – the Intellectuals – the Liberals – the Them of their fears – the pathogen doesn’t care.

If finds their fear and finds a target – any suggestions for a target Tucker? You implant their instructions, who should they target, Tucker? The Blacks? The Jews? The Liberals?


You’ve called the demons of evil – where should they go, Tucker? Pick their next target for violence. How about arranging something for July, sort of a festive celebration of our country by violence against our neighbors. How about a nice Kristallnacht celebration for the 4th, Tucker, that would be fun.

Everyone loves the sound of broken glass.

First they came for our neighbors, then they’ll come for us… It’s always the same, it’s the pattern of fear. It’s contagious, it always spreads to the new target – because it needs the target – it needs its poison container for projection – when one is dead – it moves to the next.

I was waiting for this one. I was afraid he would come. He’s 18, I was hoping he’d be at least 25. That’s not good. I know his mind – I would like to talk with him once things calm down around him – (no, not particularly) – I’ll bet I could locate the trigger in him – (probably). That would be helpful to you.

But that won’t matter for a while. There is a course to these things, like the flu, you’ll just need to endure the symptoms until the pathogen runs its course.

Usually they have a death-line, he somehow avoided it. He’s a mind that triggered and is still alive – that’s rare – he has the trigger.

There are many brains with the pathogen, but only some trigger. Why? If we know the trigger there will be things we can do to deactivate it. But it’s hidden among too many minds that have the pathogen but not the trigger.

Racism is “normal” – no it’s not – except to you because you’re insane. But you don’t trigger into violence. Why not you, and why him? What’s the trigger the pathogen finds (and creates).

That’s a clue I got from the Buffalo mind – the pathogen both finds and constructs the trigger. So it needs to be active to look, that’s probably why many minds don’t trigger, it’s still dormant and not moving.

When it starts to move it looks for the trigger to violence and it activates their fears, and when if finds the proto-trigger, it constructs it to release it to its violence. The pathogen both finds and constructs the trigger – and it seeks it.

When it is a little-seek line for the violence trigger, that’s the “normal” racist. When it is a high-seek line for the violence trigger, that’s the White supremacist racism. The degree of seeking is the result of proximity to the trauma and its severity. Early trauma and high severity create high-seeking for the trigger to violence, more distant traumas of partial resolution create low-seeking for the trigger to violence – just hatred and prejudice (sub-threshold violence).

Racism, antisemitism, pathological hatreds, are not “normal” – of course they are a mentally ill – no one does this who is sane. It’s just you who think it’s “normal” because you’re insane too.

A fish doesn’t know there’s water until it gets out. You are insane and you don’t know it because… you’re insane. You think it’s a range of “normal” – no – it’s insane and so are you for thinking it is in any way normal to be racist.

No. It’s not. It’s pathology – a little or a lot – but it is pathology. Racism is not normal in any way.

Racism is a diagnosis of pathological anger and pathological violence – it’s just not in the DSM-5 because you’re insane too. It’s a diagnosis of the Terrorist Mind:

  • Absence of empathy – the capacity for human cruelty
  • Absence of shared morality – immensely distorted values
  • Sadistic gratification from causing suffering – it feels good

But you think that’s on a range of “normal” – that they’re not insane but just have extreme normal-range beliefs. No. That’s not true.

They are not on the spectrum of normal – you are on the spectrum of insane.

He’s 18 years old – with a racist manifesto – that’s not good, I was hoping it wouldn’t be him. The pathogen is moving to a purpose. It moves among minds. You think they’re individuals, you think they make “choices” – no, they don’t.

Once the pathogen gains access to their motivational networks, it has them to its purpose. It needs the trigger for action… it looks for it.

It’s looking for more. It will find them – there’s more to find now – Tucker’s been creating the triggers for the pathogen in the minds of his followers. That’s a bad-bad thing to do Tucker – a very bad think to do.

Too late.

You don’t listen. Here is comes, it’s alive and moving to a purpose. A dark purpose.

My heart grieves – STOP – you don’t listen. He’s prelude as the curtain rises on the play of our minds – twisted fear – pathological anger – pathological hatred – pathological violence… he’s insane.

But he’s on a range of “normal-range racism” from mild to extreme. He’s an extreme racist who commits a “hate crime” but who’s not insane – because racism is a sane belief… to you.

The American Psychiatric Association needs to act. The DSM has a diagnosis for pathological sadness (Depression), for pathological fear (Phobias), and even for pathological happiness (Mania) – but no diagnosis for pathological anger and hatred, because that’s just a range of normal.

You – are – insane.

You – are – insane.

You – are – insane.

My love to the grieving – my tears, my tears, our tears.

Craig Childress, Psy.D.
Clinical Psychologist, CA PSY 18857

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